Storing Tea

Ideal Storage Jar for Tea
The porcelain Tea Jar is a splendid storage jar for any kind of tea that needs to be stored in darkness and able to keep the original taste of tea.
A Small Decoration to Light-up the Space
Also, we’ve made a version in clear glass with a porcelain lid to make a firm sealing but removable easily. It’s suitable for fast consumed tea such as fruit teas, and other colorful aromatic teas. It can be an attractive
ornament in your house.

A Great Gift for the Loved One and Yourself

ITEM NO. 5008  
NAME Porcelain Tea Jar
DESIGNER smith&hsu
MATERIAL Porcelain / Silicone
SIZE 14.5 oz / 430 ml

ITEM NO. 5011B
NAME Glass Tea Jar
DESIGNER smith&hsu
MATERIAL Glass / Porcelain / Silicone
SIZE 14.5 oz / 430 ml

ITEM NO. 5020B

NAME Glass Tea Jar Mini

DESIGNER smith&hsu

MATERIAL Glass / Porcelain / Silicone

SIZE 2.7 oz / 80 ml