Brewing Tea

Behind The Teapot

The idea of this teapot came from the memories of Mr.Hsu’s childhood. 
There was a big round aluminum teapot in grandma’s house. No matter what kind of tea was poured from the teapot, the taste was sweet. Also, there were many tea-serving stalls, serving water or tea in a big metal teapot for free, on the road to provide passengers a place to rest and have some water or tea in the past. Even though it was just water, the delicious and refreshing taste made people can stride forward then. 
These simple,unadorned but unforgettable things were Mr.Hsu’s daily life. He wanted to bring the simple pleasure of the good old days to nowadays.

Easy to Handle
The solid handles offer a good and safe grip. The large opening makes it convenient to handle inserted strainer.
Special Design Strainer
Big capacity strainer allows tea leaves to unfold and release a maximum of its taste into the hot water without small leaves floating in it. Thanks to the special etching technology, the strainer keeps its shape all the time, and the filter holes won’t get stuck by the tea leaves. It’s easy to clean the strainer.
Keep the Tea Warm
The teapot was made with fine glazed porcelain fired at 1350℃ which made it with heat insulation properties.

ITEM NO. 2039B  
NAME Teapot with Bentwood Handle
DESIGNER smith&hsu
MATERIAL Porcelain / Bentwood / SS / Silicone
SIZE 30 oz / 900 ml

ITEM NO. 2311
NAME Teapot with SS Handle
DESIGNER smith&hsu
MATERIAL Porcelain / SS / Silicone
SIZE 20 oz / 600 ml