At The Heart of A Passion

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Brought up in a coal miner’s family in Keelung Taiwan, the hardship of daily life forced Mr.Hsu, the founder, to value the few simple pleasures which were given to him. One of them was to bring his father’s daily lunch and tea to the mine. He discovered that tea was the simple luxury which could expel the long dark shadow of the mine which covered the faces of his father’s colleagues and brought back the smile onto those hardened black face in a mystical way.
Routed in a sense for natural products, smith&hsu has set out to serve our customers the simple luxury of sublime taste and quality in a contemporary and comfortable surrounding.
This small brief is made to show you the realization of a dream and honor all those who worked with the tiny logistic details and creation of the right atmosphere for smith&hsu.


Smith being as normal in English as Mr. Hsu's name in Taiwan, smith&hsu exemplifies that we are an accessible company providing that kind of simple luxury which is and should be available and affordable to high and low. That luxury is called "茶 CHA" in Mandarin and "TEA" in English.
The symbol “&” is the bridge to combine both eastern and western tea culture, tradition and modern, also, pass-down and innovation.